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How does the Learn & Earn app work?

Learn  & Earn can just be used by parents for at-home math practice but can also be used to team up with teachers for even more effective classroom and home assignments.

Getting started:
Teachers can either be invited by parents and prompted to download the app and setup an account and classroom using the teacher’s portal.
Parents can either download the app and set up practice goals and assignments themselves or they can be invited by their child’s math teacher who are already using Learn and Earn. Parents can also invite the math teacher to team up for more tailored home practice goals set by the teacher.

Using the app:
Teachers start by registering on the teacher’s portal, next create a classroom including all your students and then invite their parents to download the app. In the next step they have to make sure to install the app on every device in the class (before they can start using the app for classroom and home assignments). Setting assignments is a as easy as picking skills and setting the practice time on either a whole class or per child level. During each practice session the app adjusts questions and recommends new skills. Generating regular reports enables teachers to identify weak spots and create leaderboards and practice badged (coming soon).

Parents first download the app and create their kids profile. Then they set a math learning goal for their kid, e.g. "If my child does 10 minutes of math for 10 days, I'm willing to spend $10 in rewards". This goal can be set by parents only or in collaboration with the teacher if the app is being used in classroom as well. Kids then chose their rewards and start practicing. The app counts down the days until they achieve their learning goals and receive their reward - the ultimate motivation to keep the practice up.
When kids reach their math practice goal, the Learn & Earn app will send parents an email with instructions and details how to purchase their reward using their own Amazon or iTunes account. Parents will then find their rewards are available on iTunes or ship out from Amazon’s store and show up right at their doorstep. Then repeat the process with a new, slightly higher learning goal.