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What is Learn & Earn for math?

Learn & Earn for math is a learning app for Grades K to 4 for iPad, most Android and Kindle Fire tablets* and includes a comprehensive curriculum - with 450+ types of quizzes and 100s of thousands of questions. More importantly, with Learn & Earn, teachers and parents can go beyond curriculum to focus on real-life challenges that impede learning:

  1. Start using timeboxed assignments to encourage small, timed, but regular math practice in class and at home.
  2. Teacher and parents team up to motivate kids on home assignments. 
  3. Assignments auto-tune to each child’s level for each skill.

Finally teachers can manage classroom assignments and home assignments for their classes within minutes. Teaming up with the parents, teachers can set practice goals for home and parents can connect these learning goals to real rewards - "two hours of craft-time with mom" or a "visit to the park with dad" you can even set up paid rewards from Amazon and the iTunes store! 

* Kindergarten support for Kindle and most Android tablets on its way!