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What is the price of the Learn & Earn app?

The Learn & Earn app offers different subscription options for home use by parents only and for shared classroom and home use.

Home use by parents only subscription options:
The app is free until you kids are half way to their first reward. That gives you plenty of time to test if the app is working for you. After this test period, you have two options to continue using the app:

  1. Monthly subscription for 6.99 $US
  2. Annual subscription for 59.99 $US.

Classroom and home assignments subscriptions:
If teachers decide to use the Learn & Earn app for classroom and home assignments there are two subscription options:

1. Annual subscription paid by the school: 250$ for up to 30 students
2. Shared annual classroom subscription paid by the parents: Ranging from 9.99 $US to 15.99 $US, depending on the classroom size and number of parents sharing in the classroom subscription.